Stoked!'s owner and pitmaster both hail from Santa Maria, California
where it was a birthright to learn how to barbeque tri tip at the perfect cook 
of medium rare, served traditionally with pinquito beans, corn, salsa, bread,
and a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade.

After moving to and living in Los Angeles for 12+ years, it became
obvious to owner, Jason Espiritu, that not very many people knew about
California-style BBQ that central coast natives go wild for. 

With the help of pitmaster, Mario Dolete, and a small, devoted team,
Stoked! California BBQ launched at the buzz-worthy Smorgasburg LA's 2016
BBQ Day Event and was invited back as a weekly vendor due to its popularity. 
Santa Maria-style BBQ is a culinary tradition treasured by central coast natives and dates back to mid-19th century. The hero of this California-style BBQ is the beef tri tip, which is seasoned with a dry rub blend and cooked on a Santa Maria-style iron grill with a hand crank that lifts and lowers the grill over red oak; a grill design unique to the Santa Maria Valley. 

"Barbecue has defined social life in and around the city of Santa Maria—which sprawls across a swath of ranchlands and vineyards between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara—for 150 years, probably more. Records from the days of the ranchos, the giant cattle ranches that covered this territory when it was Mexico, describe almost bacchanalian scenes of whole bulls’ heads and other beef cuts roasted in pits dug in the ground. Tortillas, salsa, and beans were served along with a slew of other sides. These were all-day celebrations—for vaqueros relaxing at the end of a cattle roundup, or guests from the city invited for a ranch adventure. By the early 1900s, a less daunting cooking style had emerged—asado, which involved skewering hunks of beef on green willow rods and setting them across a pit of burning red oak."

-Sunset Magazine 
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We source our tri tip from Family's Beef, a trusted team who understands the value of quality care and product integrity.

By working with Family's Beef, we support family owned ranches in the United States to bring their labor of love from their pastures to your plate. 

Each of the family-owned ranches in the Family's Beef network ensures that their cattle are humanely treated, fed on an only vegetarian diet, and are never administered added hormones or chemical injections. www.familysbeef.com